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SofoklesHideaway is found at an isolated location 2 klm north of Agios Ioannis, northeastern Pelion's best-known and most-frequented seaside resort. It is accessible via an agricultural road after a bumpy ride, preferably taken in a jeep. Despite this, it constitutes an ideal retreat for those who wish to spend their vacation in solitude and in perfect peace with themselves. It isa haven of tranquility and a venue for meditation and harmonious coexistence with heavenly Pelion. It is a place where one can unhindered focus his energies on the reading of all those books waiting idle on his bookshelves, or on the pure enjoyment of the rhythms of nature.

SofoklesHideaway is situated directly above the rocky coastline of the Aegean Sea, hidden amongst olive groves. From its beautiful garden extends a wooden platform, which affords an unimpeded dramatic view of the rocks below, the blue sea and nearby Plaka Beach. The accommodation is surrounded by the typical Pelion trees and plants, such as wild oak, olive and fig trees, roses, Chinese strawberries, myrtle, young grapevines and honeysuckle. A path over and through the rocks will lead the guest to the sea for a swim in crystal clear and utterly clean water. Another footpath will take him to Plaka after a 15-minute leisurely walk. And if per chance after a while the guest yearns for a bit of socialization with other vacationers, he can always drive or walk to Agios Ioannis where tevernas and restaurants and the occasional pub await him with a festive atmosphere.

The accommodation itself is very simple: a cute, pink, detached house with green shutters and red-tiled roof. It has 2 separate bedrooms [one with a double bed and one with 2 single beds], a small hall, wc-cum-shower, fridge, 2 gas rings and a little counter on which one can prepare breakfast, snacks or cook a simple meal.

We recommend this accommodation for:
1. Age group of 12-60
2. Children only under parental supervision
3. Those who seek solitude and peaceful vacations
4. Walking enthusiasts
5. People who are prepared to leave their car some distance away from the house
6. Jeep owners and lovers of jeep-trekking

* The owner will visit regularly to water the flowers unless he is specifically asked not to. He is also available and willing to deliver shopping to the house.
* Cleaning and change of linen once a week.
* The accommodation is available only from May to September

€ 50 - 75 for 2 persons
€ 80-100 for 3 or 4 persons


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Proprietor: Jill Sleeman
Tel: 0030.24260.49086
Fax: 0030.24260.49565

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