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Summer is paradise come to Pelion. Nature is at its best: lush vegetation, pretty flowers and blossoms, all sorts of fruit ripening on the tress, bees flitting from aromatic herbs to blooming honeysuckle, nightingales serenading the huge full moon. The mountain and the sea vie for the visitors' favour, though the competition does not have to be resolved by Prince Paris' arbitration since they both have their devoted fans and at the same time share a great number of them who relish both a walk and a daily swim at one of the beautiful beaches.

For those who seek organized sightseeing there is a variety of programmes through which they may join a day cruise in the Pagasitikos Gulf, go on an excursion around the Pelion villages or further afield to the spectacular monasteries of Meteora. They can also attend various cultural events such as folk dances, musical events and local festivals.

In the evening one can enjoy oneself at tavernas and cafeterias, have a stroll on the promenade or just sit at the balcony, veranda or garden of his accommodation sipping a drink and feeling the night while his senses feast in the music of gardenias and evening primrose. Indeed there is no shortage of activities in Pelion in the summer.

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